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Kundli Report /  Horoscope Report

Get your Horoscope analyse by our Experts. Our Experts are well educated  and Learned Jyotish Martand, Jyotish Mahamahopadyay Purohits and Pundits.

You will get reports on following:

1. Lagna / Ascendent chart - For Body structure and health.

2. Moon Chart - For Aptitude and Learning

3. Sun Chart - For self

4. Hora Chart - For Wealth

5. Dershkana Chart - For Coborns

6. Chaturthamsa Chart - For Fortunes

7. Panchamsa Chart - For knowledge and intellect

8. Shastamsa Chart - For  enemies.

9. Saptaamsa Chart - For Children

10. Asthamsa Chart - For Longevity

11. Navamamsa Chart - For Spouse

12. Dasmansa Chart - For Power and Position

13. Ekadasamsa Chart - For Gains and Profit

14. Dwadasamsa Chart - For Parents

15.  Shodasamsa Chart - For Conveynance

16.  Vimsasamsa Chart - For  Prayer and Worship

17.Chaturvimamsa Chart - For Education and study

18. Saptavimsamsa Chart - For Strenth and Stamina

19. Trimamsa Chart - For Evil Effects

20. Khavedamsa Chart - For Well Being

21.  Akshavedamsa Chart - For All Positions

We will give detail analysis and report about all your aspests of life.

It will help you to plan your future regarding everything, be it,
Business, Education, Life Partner, career, job , love, freinds, health, sharemarket, finance, money, savings, vehicles, house, bangalow, family, abroad, enemies, business rivals.

Numerology Report on your Lucky number.Lucky days, Lucky color, Spelling Change, name change of Business.

Health Report What you should eat. What you should avoid.

Mantra Remedies and Yantra Remedies for better future.

Get Your Report Now !!

ask questions about kundli report

Janma Patri / Kundli Report:

Detail Reports Only Rs.799 

Your Question :

Your Free question Worth Rs.199

Note :  Please provide all the details like DOB, POB, Birth Time and be precise , about what you want to Ask ?

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