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yearly Horoscope Gemini 2020
Gemini Zodiac Sign – Sun Sign Horoscope Astrology
Looking for solution for your Gemini native? Our Gemini Horoscope offers constructive solutions.
 It covers variant aspects of your life such as career, finance, education, finance, and
 business etc. Know your year 2019 and how Gemini native can do to achieve success in this
 year. At PavitraJyotish, we offer accurate Free Gemini Astrology for Men and Women.

Introducing Gemini: Gemini is measured as the third sign of the zodiac. ‘The twins’
 is a symbol of this sign. It is first of dual-natured of the airy sign. Duality
 is at best expressed by the person. Communication is the buzzword for a person
 born under this sign. He/she is kind of eager to give information without verifying
 facts. Planet linked with intelligence, communication Mercury is the ruler of the sign.
 North node of Moon Rahu gets exalted. Moons south node Ketu gets debilitated in this sign.
 Pavitra Jyotish provides Horoscope Astrology services for Gemini daily horoscope indication,
 Gemini weekly horoscope, Gemini monthly horoscope and also Gemini yearly horoscope predictions
 to make you aware of development for Gemini Zodiac Sign and Moon Rashi related indications.

General Information: Colors associated with Gemini vary from pale yellow of Mercury to
the transparent blues of the sky. Varying colors of the horizon, sun scattered pink of
 the twilight and kind of dull grey interspersed with golden and blue of dawn and
 aquamarine blue is viewed to match with this sign. Gemini is construed as mutable,
 moist, of short ascension, northern. In the body, Gemini sign rules the nervous system
 by which all parts brought into communication giving it flexibility and sensation.
 The function of lungs is associated with this sign. Veins coming from shoulders, arms,
 lungs and rib cage are concerned with this sign. Artilleries carrying blood to lungs,
 rib cage area, arms, and shoulder are linked with this sign. Flowers associated with
 the sign are Lily of valley myrtle, lavender, fern, orchid, lilac, azalea, nut-bearing
 trees and hazel.

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