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yearly Horoscope Libra 2020
Libra Zodiac Sign – Sun Sign Horoscope Astrology
Libra Horoscope cautions the native to embrace wait and watch policy if they are
 to invest in real estate. Status of Planetary Transits in the house and many
 other key details are shared to help Libra native get a better understanding
 of how to do with year 2019, plan activities, and achieve success in their
 chosen endeavor. At PavitraJyotish, we offer accurate Free Libra Zodiac Sign
 Free Astrology for Men and Women.

Introducing Libra: Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. It is symbolized
 by Scales. This is the only sign of zodiac, not having kind of non-living symbol.
 Dear Venus is the ruler of this airy sign. Mighty Sun gets debilitated in this sign.
 Tough taskmaster Saturn gets exalted in Libra Zodiac Sign. Pavitra Jyotish provides
 Vedic Horoscope Astrology services for Libra Horoscope, Daily Horoscope indication,
 Weekly Horoscope, Monthly Horoscope and also Libra Yearly Horoscope prediction to
 make you aware of development for Libra Sun sign and Moon Rashi related indications.

General Information: Libra is an airy, cardinal sign. It is measured as Hot, moist,
 masculine, positive, is of long ascension equinoctial, western. This sign is measured
 as Semi fruitful, humane, sanguine and scientific. A native of this sign is good at
 maintaining balance and equilibrium. Libra born tends to be diplomatic and can be
 measured as a peacemaker. He/she appreciates and understands myriad facts of human
 existence and the world at large. Moderation is considered as important of internalizing
 the fine art of balancing for the native of this sign. Native gets drawn by beauty, money,
 elegance, success and fine things in life and lifestyle. Native is loyal to hilt in love.
 However, may take time to make a commitment. Once committed, he will not walk out of the
 relationship mostly. The birth colors linked with the sign Blue and jade green. Other lucky
 colors for the native of this sign are shades of blue, light green and pink. Flowers
 associated with Libra are large roses, lilies, violets and all blue colors. In the human
 body, Libra is concerned with the kidney in particular and lumbar region in general.
 Domains of this sign include loins, ovaries and the substance of kidneys. Libra corresponds
 to distillation, sublimation, and filtration. Lumbar, vertebrae and just below the ribs
 bones are related to this sign. Arteries going to kidney and lower back are the domain
 of the sign. Veins linked are those coming from kidneys and lower back.
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