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Astrology Reports Panchang of 2020-2021

laxmi pooja

Importance    of    DIWALI  or   DEEPAWALI

Diwali is 5 days festivals. Many stories are involved regarding this festival. The most famous story is when Lord Shri RAM came home from 14 years of Vanwaas.

On first day of Deepawali is called Dhan Teras and we worship Lord Dhanvantari. Lord Dhanvantari came out of Amrit Manthan. he is father of Ayurved. The

 medicanal knowledge comes from him So we also worship Lord Dhannwantri on this day. We worship and take blessings of Lord Dhanwantri for health. During

 same day we worship Goddess Laxmi for properity. When we worship Goddess laxmi on this day, Goddess laxmi gives us Beauty, Prosperity, Happiness, wealth,

 money, and which money can buy. We worship Goddess Laxmi by Following mantras :


Laxmi is called Vishnu priya, so when we worship Laxmi we also get blessings of Vishnu.

Laxmi is born from Happiness, where there is Happiness there is Laxmi.

Laxmi is Born from Intelligence. Intelligent people and make more Money on this planet.

Laxmi will stay in your house forever if you can control yourself from all the tempataion of life.

Laxmi is born from Health. Take care of your health  and Laxmi will stay in your house forever.

2nd day of this Festival is Kaali Choudas or Roop Choudas.

Its is said that on this day The demon Narkasur was killed by Lord Krishna and His wife SatyaBhama.

Narkasur never respected women so Lord krishna and his wife Satyabhama slayed the demon to give respect to women.

On this day , we dress ourselves in perfect way. We give importance to beauty and our dress and our looks.

Old tradition Gujrati tradition says that on this day if we throw Meduwada or Udad dal wada on Char rasta or

where the 4 roads meet. Then this will dispel all the Bad omens and kakadad or quarrles from house and family members will

live happily without quarrels.

3rd day of this festival is Diwali or Deepawali.

On this day we do Chopda poojan , businessmen will do Pooja of their Bahikhata.

We also do Sharda poojan or Lord saraswati is also worshipped during this day. Saraswati  is Goddess of knowledge.

We lit lots of lights and diyas during this day. Diya , the light Vanishes the darkness around,  in the same way,

knowledge will cause the Agyan , Ignorance to dissappear from your life.

Hence the reason we do Chopda poojan, Pooja of Books on this day and lit our life's path with Knowledge.

As the light from the diya can show the life on the road, in the same way knowledge can show path in life.

Next day means the 4th day of this feativals is New year for Gujrati and many hindu castes.

We meet Our friends and family and greet them and take Blessings from elders. We distribute sweets to people around.

Its the day of Gowardhan pooja and also called anna koot.

5th daya is Bhai Dooj , when Brothers visit sisters to show their Love for sisters.

Its the day fo Brothers love.

DEEPAWALI or DIWALI is 5 day festival which is enjoyed with all the Happiness, Harshollas all over India.

Be burn crackers to show our Happiness during this day.


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