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Know Moon Sign Sagittarius
[Dhanu ( Sagittarius ) Rashi appears like a man wielding a bow, whose rear half of the body is like a horse. This Rashi represents the thighs of the Kalpurusha (The Ursha Major) and dwells in the forests infested by elephants, stables, armories, vehicles of war fares and so on]

The ninth sign of the Rashichakra, Dhanu ( Sagittarius ), is the eternal wanderer. This is because Dhanujatakas ( people born under sagittarius ) are truth-seekers, and the best way for them is to travel, talk to others and get answers to the internal quest. Knowledge holds the key to re-fuelling their broad-minded approach to life. Sagittarians are fun loving, carefree individuals who live life to the fullest.

Dhanujatakas ( people born under sagittarius ) are keen philosophers and religious minded, and what they desire is to discover the meaning of life. However, if they accomplish it through fun, nothing like it. The Archer is also a Centaur (half man, half horse) who is the intellectual of ancient Roman mythology. They are clear thinkers, and happy when others agree with their well-thought-out points of view. But they can also be argumentative and blunt though not rigid. They listen to what others have to say, and are enthusiastic listeners so as to collect all the info they so require to quell their thirst for knowledge. They need lots of space to explore their world, but if they feel hemmed in, they lose patience and act difficult.

At a party they arrive first and leave last. They are die-hard fun-lovers and any place they hang their boots, they call it their home. When in travel, they are not mere sight-seers, but also learn about the culture and people of each country they visit. A seeker of knowledge and wisdom, bold, dashing and spirited, optimistic and easy-going, strong sense of justice and truth, they are often tactless and direct. A free spirit and answerable to none, they derive their strength from new adventures to tackle and travel through relationships as well as countries.

It's a often somewhat difficult to keep pace with Dhanujatakas ( people born under sagittarius ), both in movements and talk. They hate being put into claustrophobic situations - physically or emotionally. Honest, but more than a little tactless, They are also ambitious, love challenges and are too full of energy to sit still. Although they view themselves as sportsperson than an intellectual, they also enjoy reading, writing, and exploring unknown subjects and are good learners that would do extremely well as academicians. Though unconventional, they are quite popular and are loyal to friends. Many also enjoy the patronage of influential people. Excitement can make them clumsy and objects may fly from sweeping gestures. Sometimes insecure and edgy they also doubt decisions and judgement.

Most Dhanujatakas ( people born under sagittarius ) do well in outdoor occupations. They also succeed as teachers, lawyers, politicians, businessman and bankers. As Brihaspati, the symbol of good fortune, riches, and status, rules Sagittarians, they will achieve most of this though somewhat late in life. This is because of their tendency to be rash in the early stages. However, they learn from mistakes and even when financially well-off, they hardly crave for landed property and assets.

Devaguru Brihaspati being the ruling planet of Dhanu ( Sagittarius ), the royal pedigree has been passed on to Dhanujatakas ( people born under sagittarius ). This makes them generous and just, much like a noble leader. They are also expansive in their thoughts and attitude and are forever looking for knowledge and understanding and base their opinions on their unflinching optimism, often making them lucky.

Dhanujatakas ( people born under sagittarius ) however tend to procrastinate and can be quite self-indulgent as their charming and sociable natures makes things come easily to them. They also flit from one to another and never look back, be it their lives or the relationships. Archers are outgoing, enthusiastic and tend to overstep their bounds as a result. They tend to talk quite fast (and often quite a lot too). This however often results in diminishing the weight of their statements. Often they end up hurting others feelings. However, their words also inspire people as they are forward thinking people who are curious, spiritual and true believers. They attract others for their sense of fun and enjoyment, and confidence. They love to socialize, but change groups. Their philosophical, open and curious nature is their greatest asset. These people seek both knowledge and truth, and they are eager to share their explorations with others. Their optimistic and generous spirit makes them a pleasure to have around.

At love, the Archer is playful, flirtatious and always on top. But Dhanujatakas ( people born under sagittarius ) are seldom demonstrative about their affections and love. They don't cuddle, never shower gifts, or roses often labeled off as 'cold'. However, exciting for them and their beloveds comes from explorative games as Bungee jumping, mountaineering, horse riding, going to exotic destinations. Apart from Dhanujatakas ( people born under sagittarius ), ideal life partners are found in Mesha and Simha.

This sagittarius horoscope section contains lucky day for sagittarius, lucky number for sagittarius, lucky color for sagittarius, lucky gems for sagittarius, lucky talisman for sagittarius, positive qualities for sagittarius, negative qualities for sagittarius and sagittarius traits... Lucky Day:Thursday

Lucky Number:3, 12, 21, 30

Lucky Color: Violet, Purple, Red, Pink

Lucky Stone(s):Amethyst and Topaz

Lucky Talisman: Tin, Flint, Arrowheads and Cornucopia

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