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Know Moon Sign Taurus
Vrishabha ( Taurush ) Rashi is like a bull and represents the face and throat of the Kaal Purusha (Ursha major). It resides in the summits of mountains, cowsheds, and other places of animal habitats and agricultural lands.]

Being the second Sign of the Rashi Chakra, Vrishabha ( Taurush ) Rashi is all about rewards. Unlike Mesha, who plunges headlong into the challenge of the game, Vrishabha ( Taurush ) Rashi love to reap the rewards.

Jatakas of Vrishabha ( Taurush ) Rashi don't start out with the intention of getting stuck. They simply want to get things done, and it is that steady, dogged persistence which begets the nickname 'stubborn'. They are most practical and reliable members of the Zodiac, and they happily plod along to the finish line and reap rewards. Vrishabhajatakas ( people born under taurush ) prefer to take each day as it comes and work toward their ultimate goal. Their strength is in their stability, loyalty and dogged determination. They want to get the job done, and they will.

Down to earth, a no-nonsense approach, saying what they mean with a very strong sense of values, often artistic and sometimes very musical, since they are ruled by the throat you can hardly miss a Vrishabhajataka ( people born under taurush ) in a crowd. The good life in all its guises, the fine arts, physical pleasures and material goods or art of their own making, are heaven on Earth to the Vrishabha ( Taurush ) Rashi-born. Their possessions speak highly of the need to own the best, be it wine or food or clothes, even if it means having only one. Slow, steadfast and stubborn they plod through life gently, making sure that they do things that will make others happy.

Vrishabhajatakas ( people born under taurush ) like to be rooted be it the environment, work, home or opinions. Thus you look stability to some, while others label you as stubborn. Their mind is closed to new ideas and a certain unwillingness to change, determined and do not buckle under pressure and adversity. They prefer to in a rather Zen-like peace. They are also extremely patient, and dependable along the way. The only kink in this well-oiled chain is the heckler in the gallery that tries to scold the Bull. Once the thunder dies down, they also prove to be the soppiest of sentimentalists and regain their Buddha-like stance, almost as if nothing happened!

Patient, loyal, caring, shy and reserved Vrishabhajataka ( people born under taurush ) are slow to anger but once annoyed, they will rage and turn ferocious and unstoppable. A little clumsy in both life and language, Vrishabhajatakas ( people born under taurush ) can be remarkably outspoken and expressive with speech and exaggerated hand and arm movements when enraged. They never undertake risky ventures and certainly are never rash because they are lazy and also because of their inherent need to hold on to their possessions. Good providers, they also like to live comfortably. Ruled by Shukra Graha (Venus) Vrishabha ( Taurush ) seeks the sensual pleasures and being a true admirer of beauty, material comforts are far more important than for other signs in the Rashichakra. They are stubborn, carrying this trait to all spheres in life, thereby, in a way, closing the options for a better life. Their stubbornness, combined with laziness can create problems they will find difficult to deal with. Often they will make little or no effort to change the situation around them. The typical Vrishabha ( Taurush ) is driven by the motivation and the temptation to acquire some material benefit to keep himself and his family happy.

Vrishabha ( Taurush ) is the money-sign of the zodiac. They make good businesspersons. They make pots and pots of money and preserve it well. They make good financiers and bankers. Some Vrishabhajatakas ( people born under taurush ) are more likely to be in music, where they will excel; also doing well in work connected with land or environment.

Basically family-oriented, Vrishabha ( Taurush ) enjoys spending time with loved ones, especially drawn towards children. The children too in turn look up to the large-hearted Vrishabha ( Taurush ), who often gets to the point of self-sacrificing and forever putting the family's needs above his own. Mostly easy to get along, Vrishabhajataka ( people born under taurush ) become hedgy when they are dominated. Strong believers in fidelity and stable relationships, they can be romantic, attentive, tender, and affectionate. They romance once and is something that will be of constant interest and is unlikely to die even when settled down to the routines of married life. Vrishabha ( Taurush ) will find an ideal match in fellow Vrishabhajatakas ( people born under taurush ), Kanya ( Virgo ) and marriage with an air sign like Kumbha could also prove successful.

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Lucky Day:Friday, Monday

Lucky Number:6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51

Lucky Color:Blue, Blue-Green

Lucky Stone(s):Turquoise

Lucky Talisman:The Spade

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