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Nakshatra / Constellation  : Kritika
Krittika nakshatra is the third nakshatra of Vedic Astrology. Its presence is marked by a cluster of seven stars which is also known as pleadius. The ruling deity of this nakshatra is the god of fire or 'agni'. Thus it is supposed to be the source of energy and power. In Sanskrit the word 'Krittika' means 'critical', which makes this nakshatra the centre of enquiry and gives them the ability to detect the minute causes of imperfection. One of their most important characteristics is their ability to discern and detect, even the minutest details. There is no imperfection that comes in their way, as they will identify, scrutinize and removes each one of them. Due to the influence of 'Agni' or fire and under the guidance of the planetary lord Mars; they have a very strong and dominating attitude. Another factor that adds to their benefit is their cosmic location which helps them to transcend their realm of physical energy.

Famous Krittika Nakshatra Females

Cameroon Diaz, Sri Devi, Sushmita Sen, Wyomia Tyus, Vijaya Lakshmi Pundit, Frida Kahlo

Famous Krittika Nakshatra Males

Bill Clinton, Bob Dylan, Eldred Gregory Peck, James A Garfield, Prince Harry, Yasser Arafat, Har Gobind Khorana, Sanjay Dutt, Tommy Lee Zones, Abdul Mujjafar Mohi Ud Din Muhammad Aurangzeb, Andrew Johnson, Antonio Guterres, Brenden Fraser, Arvind Kejriwal, Pope Saint Paul John II, Vladimir Putin, Swami Muktananda

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