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Nakshatra / Constellation  : Poorvashadha
The natives born under this Nakshatra are likely to have lean and tall body with beautiful teeth, long ears, bright eyes and narrow waist. They are usually blessed with extra-ordinary intelligence and persuasive power. This also adds to their indomitable urge for superiority. However the natives of this Nakshatra need to be careful regarding not jumping to conclusion, faster than is good for them. It is also important for the natives of this Nakshatra to enhance their decision-making capabilities and determination. Though they are rarely gifted with benefits from parents, however a happy conjugal life makes it up for them The Jatakas of this Nakshatra do better in the fields of medicine and fine arts not withstanding the fact that they do a good job in almost all the fields they get into. While they loiter in life?s alleys till the age of 32, after that age they start prospering and till 50 it is a story of glory all along for them. Jatakas of Purvashadha need to be particularly careful regarding their health, as they are often prone to number of serious ailments like severe whooping cough, breathing trouble, bronchitis, tuberculosis, heart attack and malaria. Women born under this Nakshatra need to be careful regarding the problems pertaining to the womb and uterus.

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