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Nakshatra / Constellation  : Pushya
Colour: Black-Red
Lucky letters: H & D

The Jatakas born under Pushya can easily be branded as the less fortunate ones. The eighth star of the zodiac spells sufferings for not only its Jatakas,but also for the parents and other dear ones, depending on the degree of birth. Although hypothetical this axiom may be, but it has been observed that when the ascendant also fall on this star, the effectiveness of the same is enhanced. However one needs to be supremely carefull about making a predictive statement as apart from the Nakshatra, there exist myriad other factors which determine the course of subject?s life. Those born in this sign do not display any specific distinguishable physical attribute, unlike those of the Jatakas of other Nakshatras.. They are usually devoted to the pursuit of hedonistic pleasures. With an indecisive mind, most of their actions are half hearted. They seldom respect others but expect others to respect them. They fell for flattery and get easily irked by adverse criticism. This nature puts them to many precarious situations in life. The Jatakas of this sign usually face the adversities arising out of poverty up to 15 years of their early life. However after the 33rd year of their life, things drastically change towards all-round positive development. Jatakas of this Nakshatra need to be careful regarding their health as Gallstones, gastric ulcer, jaundice, cough; eczema and cancer often plague them. Women born under this Nkashatra also develop respiratory problems and breast cancer. There are some marked differences for the females born in this star. They are usually religious, peace loving, respecting, submissive, sincere and systematic. They are of few words. Marriage of this star has to be under proper astrological guidance as males born in this star are suspecting by nature and nurture over attachment to his own parents.

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